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Get to Know Jay White

Hello, I am Jay White, and I am running for North Carolina House District 83 against Larry Pittman. Over the coming weeks I want to give you the opportunity to get to know me, why I am running for office and why I need your support and vote in the Republican Primary on March 3.

I am a son, husband, father, brother and uncle who made Cabarrus County my home 22 years ago. I work here, I worship here, and my children went to public school here.

Each of us in the North Carolina 83rd district have their own stories their own lives and their own interests. But the thing that brings us all together, the things that unite us as a community are shared values are love of freedom are family values and our belief in the American dream. The love of our children and our desire for a better future for them as well as ourselves are important values in each one of us.

I graduated from Cape Fear Christian Academy where the Christian values impressed upon me by my parents were reinforced and strengthened. I graduated from Guilford College where I played baseball and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Before attending law school, I worked for Cone Mills as a third shift weaving supervisor. There I learned the value of hard work and what it means to earn a day’s wage. I left the mill to attend Campbell Law School, excited about the opportunities it presented. During law school, I worked on a dairy farm where I witnessed firsthand the dedication and importance of the American farmer. This experience left such a lasting impression upon me, that when I served as a member of the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners and pushed to create and fund the Elma C. Lomax Incubator farm to train the next generation of Cabarrus County farmers.

After graduating from law school, I began my legal career serving the people of North Carolina as an assistant district attorney. Then given the chance to practice law with my brother and have my children grow up close to family, we moved here in 1998 and I am proud to have called this county and this district home ever since.

I am one of the managing partners of the oldest law firm in Cabarrus County and I serve as legal counsel for Cabarrus County’s Department of Human Services where I work closely with social workers to protect children and adults who have been abused or neglected and to help them receive the protections they need. I work diligently with the courts to collect child support. I give voice to those too small or those unable to speak for themselves.

Let me be your voice in Raleigh. I want to be the voice of Cabarrus County and make certain your voice and your values are heard.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to your support and vote on March 3.

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