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Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners Adopts 2nd Amendment Resolution Presented by Jay White

Concord, North Carolina – During their regular January meeting, the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Cabarrus County. The resolution was drafted and presented by Jay White who is a candidate to represent the newly redrawn House District 83 seat which encompasses Harrisburg and western Concord.

Speaking first, Jay White urged the members of the Board of Commissioners to deviate from their normal procedure: “For as long as I can remember, the Board of Commissioners has operated by having a planning session on the first Monday of every month followed by the regular meeting on the second Monday of every month. As it relates to the importance of the Second Amendment, and the issue at hand, I urge the Board of Commissioners to break with typical protocol and allow for a discussion and resolution tonight.”

Grassroots groups across North Carolina have pressured county Boards of Commissioners to adopt “Second Amendment Resolutions.” Since no resolution was presented at the monthly work session, it was unclear as to whether or not a Second Amendment Resolution would be considered by the Board.

When asked after the meeting how he was able to get a resolution presented and passed, Mr. White responded:

“My legal expertise allowed me to draft a resolution that would not put the county at risk, but still addressed the concerns of our citizens. During my years of service to the people of Cabarrus County, I learned the importance of working with other leaders, building a consensus and achieving results. Our current representative has not been effective in this type of collaboration, and this is a skill set that I will bring to Raleigh to benefit the people of the 83rd District. Tonight is just an example of what I can get done when I arrive in Raleigh.”

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