On the issues...

  • Increase and expand access to career and technical programs for our 6th to 12th grade students
  • Reward the expertise of teachers who make it all possible and attract talented new teachers
  • Get government out of the classroom and let teachers teach

Taxes and Spending
  • Continue reforming and flattening our tax code to further reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses
  • Thoroughly review government expenditures annually prioritizing spending based needs and past performance
  • Reduce government waste by eliminating duplicative and ineffective programs
Jobs and Economic Development
  • Continue to improve NC's business climate by listening and responding to the concerns of our business community
  • Reduce regulations to promote innovation and job creation
  • Work with business leaders to ensure our schools are providing students with the skills they need

Conservative Values
  • Preserve our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Protect and promote the sanctity of life
  • Stand up for our Constitutional rights and stand against the continued overreach of the federal government

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