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Our Values,               Our Voice

Each one of us has a unique story that makes us who we are, but the things that bring us together - the things that unite us as a community are our shared values . . .

Our love of freedom

Of family values

Of our belief in the American dream

And the love of our children and our desire for a better future for them and for all of us.

I share these values with you.

The people of the 83rd District are my friends, you are my family.

Together, united by our shared values, we can make Cabarrus County and North Carolina a better place for ourselves and our children.


For too long, the 83rd District has lacked an effective voice in Raleigh.  We need an experienced leader who will find solutions and deliver results.

I am seeking the Republican nomination for NC House District 83 because I know that my experiences, my proven record of leadership and community involvement will enable me to serve our District and you.

In the coming weeks, we will be walking neighborhoods, making calls to voters, and sharing our message with the community.

I ask you to join me in this campaign.

Let's work together to represent the values of the people of this great district, OUR values, and we will make OUR Voices heard for a better Cabarrus and a better North Carolina!

On the issues...

  • Increase and expand access to career and technical programs for our 6th to 12th grade students
  • Reward the expertise of teachers who make it all possible and attract talented new teachers
  • Get government out of the classroom and let teachers teach

Taxes and Spending
  • Continue reforming and flattening our tax code to further reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses
  • Thoroughly review government expenditures annually prioritizing spending based needs and past performance
  • Reduce government waste by eliminating duplicative and ineffective programs
Jobs and Economic Development
  • Continue to improve NC's business climate by listening and responding to the concerns of our business community
  • Reduce regulations to promote innovation and job creation
  • Work with business leaders to ensure our schools are providing students with the skills they need

Conservative Values
  • Preserve our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Protect and promote the sanctity of life
  • Stand up for our Constitutional rights and stand against the continued overreach of the federal government
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